Welcome to Wrapped in Bacon, a celebration of all things porktastic!  As we launch this new site, we welcome your feedback on our celebration of the sweetest, most delicious meat in the world.

Our staff will travel around the world to bring you photos and stories about tantalizing pork goodness all over the globe.  Our mission is to satisfy your craving for great food, great stories, and unique experiences.  So, let's begin!

The Aficionado

  • Butcher's Corner

    To know them is to love them, so let's look at our friend the pig and discover where each delicious cut of pork can be found.

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  • Asian Pork Flavor Explosion

    Asia is the birthplace of the domestic pig that we all know and love.  And what do you get when you explore porky goodness for 800 years?  An explosion of flavor.

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  • Healthy, Delicious, Pork

    Pork, unhealthy?  Not a chance!  Take a journey on the flavor express and learn the truth about the healthy, delicious, multifaceted king of meats!

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What`s new?

  • Join us on a Hawaiian Journey
    Thu, December 19

    Join us on a Hawaiian journey as we go beyond the tourist luau and pig out with the locals.

  • Hold the Beef in Austin
    Thu, November 07

    Welcome to Austin Texas, but hold the beef!  Times are changing, and Austin is leading the Texas pork revolution.

  • American Beer and Sliders
    Sun, January 12

    Pulled pork BBQ sliders and a cold beer?  Uh, yeah!  Our team hits the streets to find out what brews Americans enjoy most with BBQ.