Bacon Popcorn

Now thanks to BaconPop, you don't have to! Just stick a bag in the microwave, press the Popcorn button, and stand back and watch the bag inflate with delicious, buttery, bacontastic popcorn. Everything is better with bacon and this popcorn is so much better, you'll never go back to regular popcorn. Ever.

Great Alabama BBQ Cookoff

Every March, the Alabama Chamber of Commerce sponsors the largest BBQ competition in the state of Alabama.  This year's festival was help in beautiful Mobile, Alabama.  The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest and the Sunset Symphony. Mobile also produces extensive education, international, and economic programs for the city.

JD's Bacon Salt

J&D's Foods is maker of Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, Bacon Croutons, BaconPOP, Bacon Lip Balm, baconlube.